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Links e información para el Curso:

 Animación y Simulacíon Tiempo Real

Magazines en linea

CFXweb - Demo and Game Development
The Linux Scene - news
gamedev net

Tecnicas de Diseño

The Art of Computer Game Design
Game studies. Issue 1, 2001.

Tecnicas y Algorithmos de Programacion Tiempo Real

Real-Time Rendering Resources

Graphics Programming Black Book
Amit�s game programming

Dave Eberly's Home Page (MAGIC)
Game Algorithms
Game Programming and graphics programming

A Steroid

Motores 3D y Grafos de Escena

Quake Developers Pages

PLIB Home Page
Crystal Space: A Free 3D Engine

Inteligencia y Vida Artificial
AI on the Web
The Game AI Page: Building Artificial Intelligence into Games
Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
AI, Cognitive Science & Robotics

Game Theory Net

Artificial Life

Simulador de Carreras de Carros Roboticos (RARS), IA - Simulación Fisica
GNU Robots - program a little robot
It's 2001. Where Is HAL?

Simulaciones Comportamentales

Boids (Flocks, Herds, and Schools: a Distributed Behavioral Model)
Robert's 3D Boids Final Year Project
Command Forces Simulation (CFOR)
DMSO Home Page

Numeros Aleatorios y Tecnicas Montecarlo

1.2.7 Random number generation
Random Number Generation, Taygeta Scientific Inc.
Brent Petersen - Links to Pseudo-random Numbers Generation Information

Analisis Numerico

FFTW Home Page
"The Chaos Experience"
Chaos & Fractals
The Blitz++ Numerical Library Project Home Page
Numerical Recipes Home Page
Numerical Recipes in C
Fast Fourier Transform
C-XSC++ Library

Quaterniones - Matrices 

Matrix and Quaternion FAQ

The Character Animation FAQ

Modelaje Fisico

Colisiones, Particulas, Cinematica

Collision Detection
ColDet - Free 3D Collision Detection Library

A Particle System for the Direct Synthesis of Landscapes and Textures
Computing Polyhedral Mass Properties
Andy Witkin's Gallery
An Introduction to Physically Based Modeling
COMP258 (Modeling and Physically-Based Simulation): HOME PAGE
AERO - Animation Editor for Realistic Object movements
Physics Model Editor Home Page
Bretton Wade (Physically Based Simulation)
Dynamical systems: Simulation and visualization

FooBillard - Project Page
The penguin Machine (The incredible machine clone)
Science Gems
Contemporary College Physics Simulation Library

Fisica de carros de carreras
Computer Based Modelling and Simulation

Juegos de Rol -MUD (Multi User Dungeons)

Simming Home Page
RPG Hoard 
D20 (Dungeons & Dragons/Starwars/etc) basic ruleset download (open game license)
WFRP Character Sheets
The MUD Connector
Abaddon multi-user roleplaying game
Games, Companies, FAQ:s, Zines, MUD:s, RPG:s, Consoles & Other Stuff
Online Graphical Games
Multiplayer Dot Com [Adventure/Roleplaying]