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Hi there,

I'm Dany and you have just crossed the frontiers of my world (all right web site), which is dedicated to keep information about me, my interests, hobbies, programming, links, drawings, babblings, thoughts, practice my writing abilities (so there might be some things of  interest to no one but myself) and everything i judge worth putting on it....That doesn't mean i'm closed to any kind of  feedback, on the contrary it is welcome (don't be afraid to made suggestions that'll help improve my communication abilities), BTW you also should read the Disclaimer.

Now if you want to know more about me just keep reading, or go visit my Resume On Line... bits of my interests and philosophy are here ..Anyway, you're welcome to surf through my site at any time.

Update 18-March-2008: Finally after 10 years with my page on tripod and close to two years after the last update (other than the links section which got updated automatically) I decided to revamp the whole site completly. Also I got fed up with the annoying amount of ads that tripod was inserting on my site so starting March-18-2008 the whole site will be moving to